Power of the Purse: Cary Carbonaro at Women’s Night Out


Mimi Schanzlin and her United Capital Team organized a special Women’s Night Out with guest speaker and best-selling author Cary Carbonaro.


Buffalo, NY, Meets The Money Queen


It’s no secret that women have a unique relationship with money:


We strive for financial security to support our family, ensure we can retire comfortably, create independence separate from our partners, and along the way, buy some nice purses. As much as we are motivated to make money. – Cary Carbonaro

That’s Cary Carbonaro recently spoke to a group of dynamic ladies at Buffalo, NY, and reminded them that we often do not consider the crucial relationship between what we do today and how it WILL impact our life tomorrow.

They also got a copy of The Money Queen’s Guide, a book for women who want to build wealth and banish fear. A guide that will lead them through each of the financial decades step-by-step and provide insight into the steps women can take, and the decision we should make to build a financially responsible future.






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Cary Carbonaro: Speaker at Barron’s Top Independent Women Advisors Summit

Last week Barron’s offered an intimate event named Top Independent Women Advisors Summit, where the nation’s top independent women advisors like Cary Carbonaro gathered for an exclusive chance to share ideas, grow professionally, and network with peers.


Best Minds in the Wealth Management Industry


The Barron’s Top Women Advisors Summit brought together the best minds in the wealth management industry. It was designed to facilitate a free-flowing exchange of information, ideas and insights from the industry’s most accomplished advisors— in the interest of raising the standards of excellence in the wealth management profession.

The conference included strategies for improving outcomes, ideas on growing your business, and discussion on the challenges facing the wealth management industry.

Deepening Connectivity and Attracting New Clients With Responsible Investing


Cary Carbobaro at Barron’s Top Independent Women Advisors Summit


During the Barron’s Top Independent Women Advisors Summit, Cary Carbonaro provided highly detailed and thought-provoking perspectives on managing investments, clients and practices.




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